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Who is HTH Worldwide?

HTH Worldwide is an innovator and leader in helping business travelers and expatriates stay safe and gain easy access to quality healthcare services around the world. HTH Worldwide combines global medical knowledge and safety information, through advanced Internet applications, with extensive experience in designing and servicing innovative health insurance programs. This rare combination ensures HTH's customers' health, safety and peace of mind, and has helped make HTH a worldwide leader in health insurance. HTH Worldwide offers Group international health insurance plans for both short-term travel as well as long-term assignments. HTH also offers individual insurance to students and leisure travelers. Please visit for more information on these products.

What advantages does HTH have over competitors?

The program is supported by a community of over 5,200 contracted, profiled, Western trained, English-speaking doctors and almost 1,000 Notable facilities in 180 countries. View a doctor search demo

HTH offers direct billing for both inpatient and outpatient services; members do not have to pay and claim.

Members can prepare before they depart; HTH offers a number of unique resources ranging from security profiles on international destinations to pharmacy practices and locations, to vaccination requirements, to a database with the brand equivalents, availability and preparation of 350 brand name drugs in 24 countries.

Members can access HTH's Global Health and Safety Services through the web, by phone 24 hours a day, or through a Blackberry or other web-enabled handheld device. View a short clip on mPassport and the Global Health & Safety tools:

HTH is filed and admitted in the U.S. and fully complies with all state mandates.

Who provides toll-free medical assistance and emergency evacuation?

The Global Health team at HTH Worldwide works closely with HTH's 138 Regional Physician Advisors, a contracted community of over 5,200 Western-trained, English speaking doctors, and a carefully selected group of partner air ambulance companies to provide medical evacuation, medical monitoring, coordination of hospital payments and 24 hour assistance.

How does HTH select its providers?

HTH's experienced multi-lingual staff works with recognized experts in healthcare for travelers, including 138 HTH Regional Physician Advisors located around the world, to identify and recruit outstanding international providers. Providers are selected based on their professional qualifications, hospital affiliations, language skills, continuing medical education, peer recommendations and positive experience with expatriate patients. All HTH providers profiled online are contracted directly with HTH.

Can members see any doctor while abroad or do they have to go to HTH contracted doctors?

Members are free to see any doctor that they choose, however, if a member sees one of the HTH contracted providers and schedules the appointment through HTH either by phone, online or over the internet, we will arrange for direct billing. The member will not need to pay out of pocket or submit a claim form for reimbursement.

Who underwrites the HTH Worldwide products?

HTH Worldwide plans are underwritten by BCS Insurance Company. BCS, known for innovative product development and special risk underwriting, is rated "A-" (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.

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